What can ONE Green Key production facility Do?

Jobs Added On The Local Level
Board Feet of Synlumber Manufactured
Gallons of Synthetic Fuel Created
Tons of Green House Gases Eliminated

Green Key MSW Management

Guaranteed, immediate money-saving solutions by significantly reducing your municipal waste disposal costs through privately run solutions.

After a comprehensive analysis of your current waste composition, vendor services, pricing and operational processes, we design a customized, innovative and sustainable recycling solution for your mixed solid waste stream.

Your municipality will realize immediate savings upon the implementation of our customized recycling and sustainability program.

Waste Transfer Stations

Green Key solid waste transfer stations represent an efficient way to receive, process, compact and transfer solid waste to larger vehicles for transport via truck, rail or barge to Green Key facilities.

Green Key MRF Recycling

We own and operate recycling processing facilities (MRFs) that are designed to sort and prep materials ready for use in our Green Key facility.  Turning discarded resources into clean business.

Broad Spectrum Recycling

When it comes to MSW management Green Key is able to handle your entire waste stream. Our locations offer single stream recycling, leave the sorting to us.  Near Zero Landfill – It is possible.

Green Key Energy

We offer local power producers a significant discount on fuel when they agree to a priority purchasing agreement of bulk supply.

Green Key uses leading gasification technology, choosing systems to best serve the intended municipality. We add CO2 technology to the flue/exhaust system, which will harvest pure carbon from the CO2 emissions, thereby producing a high value commodity. This process reduces the emissions to Oxygen and Water Vapor. Depending on the particulars of the island nation, we have the ability to incorporate a ‘closed system’, with no flue stack and no emissions at all.

Performance data demonstrates the technology’s ability to produce approximately 100 gallons (378 liters) of fuel oil per ton of MSW (results depend upon feasibility study of particular waste stream). Mazut fuel oil is produced by the system and would be appropriate for use in most large diesel powered generators, train locomotives, or large ships. This fuel can easily be further refined into D-2 Diesel-fuel, or a high grade Kerosene.


Green Key Synlumber

Truly Green Synlumber

Composite recycled from 100% Municipal Waste.

Unparalleled Longevity
Impervious to nature’s decay. Won’t crack, warp or split.
Superior Strength
Linear tensile strength far surpasses conventional wood.
Extrude Any Shape or Size
Dimensional framework, railroad ties, telephone poles
Competitive Pricing
Free from the volatility of commodity based pricing.

Green Key Enterprises state-of-the-art technology produces a composite synlumber that will outperform and outlast traditional building materials. Processing 100% municipal solid waste (MSW) into high performance, synthetic building materials has taken over a decade of R&D to develop.

The magic is in the physics and molecular dynamics that take place during the closely guarded, patented process prior to the final extrusion.

Its composition is 100% MSW, no chemicals; no virgin materials are required in its production. No extra additives or chemical binders are used. Because all organic material is encapsulated by the plastics, the finished product is extremely strong, and impervious weather, moisture, rot, decay, fungi and insects.

The process starts when the plastics are separated and pelletized. At the same time, paper, cardboard, wood, and other organic materials are separated, shredded, or chipped, into 1 to 2 cm pieces. Then everything is dried and appropriately stored in preparation for processing.

The plastic pellets and fibrous organic materials are then carefully metered and mixed, as they are fed into the system. The mixture is processed and heated to specific temperatures and extruded to form various sizes of lumber, for framing homes and buildings, fence posts, railroad ties, lumber for piers and docks, or load-bearing beams, etc. The end product can be almost any size and length, dimension or shape depending on the extrusion heads used.

Prior to the final cooling, rollers having a wood grain pattern may be pressed onto the surface and coloring may be added to suit customer requests, thus, providing a finished decorative lumber look for external fencing, decking, etc.

The end product approximates the density and weight of hardwood and may be cut, shaped, drilled or nailed just like wood.

Green Key synlumber has been certified by the USDOT (United States Department of Transportation), through the University of Illinois, for use in the US Railroad Industry. Using the most demanding tests imposed upon lumber, this product meets and exceeds the stringent Railroad requirements. The expected service life is believed to be approximately 150 years making it the highest quality synthetic Railroad Tie produced today.

In comparison to composite lumber, Green Key Synlumber has better structural integrity, is lighter in weight, has greater linear tensile strength, is substantial in its load bearing integrity, and is revealing a much longer service life.