The Island Nation Business Model

Discarded resources (MSW) becomes a material competitive advantage when clean energy and synlumber are produced together in one (negative carbon producing) Green Key Facility.

Green Key Facilities

Harnessing the full potential of refuse derived fuel.

Utilize MSW

Reducing your municipal waste disposal costs.

Increase Exports

Produce high performance synlumber from 100% MSW.

Reduce imports

Priority purchasing of waist to energy fuels produced.

Provide local Jobs

Strengthening communities through sustainable work.

Green Key will deliver your community a profitable business plan.

Evaluate the Macro Economic Balance

Green Key looks at the large-scale, regional economic factors unique to your island nation. Understanding the big picture facts is the first step to exploring local solutions and maximizing the benefits of comparative advantage in global markets.

Survey the Micro Economic elements

Gather local data and analytics for production possibilities and efficient discarded resource use. Analyze local labor force and professional services available to support a Green Key Facility. Take simple site survey of physical location.

Run Green Key ONE™, Pro Forma Software

Green Key ONE™ saves you 100’s of hours and guesswork by delivering a “investment-grade” business model specific to your community. Green Key provides evidence-based advisory services and support, helping your island nation secure its share of the global value chain.

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